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Windows Vital Records System


Imagine the potential of all your applications working together in one integrated approach. At Genesis we take the time to consider the best possible solution for our customers. With 13 years of experience under our belts, we have been educated by the very best…..our customers . As a result, we developed WinVRS which is a solution built on Microsoft Windows ® technology.

What is WinVRS?

WinVRS is the general name for the software residing at the Department of Health. At a minimum, WinVRS includes the support coding and file preparation activities for importing birth data from birthing facilities and exporting data to NCHS, SSA and other mainframe systems within the Department of Health. WinVRS can be configured to support an integrated version of WinEBC, allowing for the Department of Health to directly edit the data.

More Than Just Birth Data!

To help you manage and process all of your data, Genesis offers the ability to add modules such as Fetal death, Electronic Death Certificate (EDC), Marriage and Divorce. Other optional features you may consider adding to WinVRS include Ad Hoc screens and Ad Hoc reports.

Hardware Platform

The minimum hardware requirements for the WinVRS software include the following:

  • Pentium processor 133 Mhz or higher (or compatible)
  • 32 megabytes of Ram recommended
  • 60 megabytes of available hard disk space
  • 3.5 inch floppy drive
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Super VGA 800 X 600
  • Hayes compatible modem (28.8 baud or faster)
  • Outside access phone line
  • Parallel or serial printer (specifications determined by your form and printing requirements
  • Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device

Operating System Requirements

As a Windows-based ® , 32-bit program, WinEBC, WinVRS, and WinCODE by Genesis are designed to run on Windows 95, 98 and NT.

Database Requirements

Like the facility-based component, WinEBC, Microsoft Access ® is designed in as the standard backend database. Two optional databases that Genesis can design in the system are Oracle and SQL Server. When choosing a database, consideration should be given to the number of records, required functionality and desired performance levels.