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Built on 13 years of experience, WinEBC is a " takeoff " of our flagship product, Electronic Birth Certificate (EBC). WinEBC is simply the next generation of our EBC product line. With all evolution, the good aspects get better as new and improved features are developed. Win EBC, a Microsoft Windows® compatible product, incorporate our forced field resolutions and builds on the functionality you have come to expect in a Genesis product. Because so much rides on collecting data once and collecting it right the first time, we have built a system that includes our custom designed range and data checks within a GUI application.

What is WinEBC?

WinEBC, a Windows-based®, 32-bit program, is used to collect accurate birth registration data and broader perinatal surveillance data from hospitals. The collected data is then electronically transmitted, either via dial-up communications for FTP, to the Department of Health. WinEBC is built on the following assumptions.

  • Data accuracy and integrity are of paramount significance.
  • Easy data entry is needed at all birthing facilities.
  • Public health professionals need timely, well filtered data
  • Reliable proven software is a necessity.
  • Statistical significance can only be derived if all of the above factors are present across the total population.

Advanced Features

  • Special Printed Forms/Certificates
  • Client Server/Telecommunications
  • Data Import Feature
  • Perinatal Database
  • Multi-User Networking
  • Perinatal Surveillance Reports