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What is DragIt?

The concept of DragIt dates back to our very first system and has always been part of our EBC system. In our windows and web products, we designed a custom report generator that is based on years of understanding what the end user needs for mining data. Building on this knowledge, we have designed and developed the DragIt tool so that it can be used in combination with any ODBC compliant database. DragIt easily and quickly allows a user to drag and drop report data elements onto a select window.

Advanced Features

This allows operators to gather the information in the reportable format that they require. The ease of use coupled with the drag and drop filter combination makes our design one of the most flexible and user-friendly reporting tools in the industry.

The filters can be linked together. This allows the operators to design reports specifically for their needs. This also permits operators to save the file in an ASCII format for easy import into Word, Excel, or other similar programs. We believe this provides the operators the most flexibility in preparing reports and/or charts.

This tool provides an unlimited variety of listings along with the ability to summarize statistics such as counts, minimum, maximum, etc. Similarly, you select fields to use as filters and then supply the values to use along with keywords or symbols such as ‘like', <>, =, >, <.

Finally, the reports that you create are given a name and then stored so that they can be used over and over again without having to recreate them each time.

DragIt allows you to design your own output to meet whatever needs may arise and could eliminate your dependency on any finite group of standard listings or output files that you may require.